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Bee Tranquil 2024

Updated: Apr 12

It is often said that "Shalom" means peace. Shalom in the Hebrew Illiteration mens "Destroying the authority of chaos". When, selecting the name of the garden I wish I would've known that. It wasn't until the fall of 2023 when I decided to do a little more investigating into the word, a skill called etymology, that I discovered its meaning and I wasn't prepared.

I share that with you because last year 2023 I caught all the chaos. Well, at least it felt that way (insert smile). With all the things of life it felt like I was drowning. I've had a drowning experience before and I don't wish that on anyone. June 2023 the garden community experienced the death of Billy Lagrange. When something like that happens to the community it takes time to heal. Billy's death left an imprint on my heart that will forever remain and it's the catalyst for this years theme, Bee Tranquil.

TRANQUIL - "free from disturbance. calm". Join me in ushering in the spirit of Tranquility this year. All of the program offerings for 2024 will be related to bees or Tranquility. We're excited to launch the inaugural season of Bee Skool, a six week, fun, immersive experiece for all the Super Garden Kidz. You may be asking, Why BEES? We need bees for more than just pollination and we need the education to assist in their preservation.  Movie nights will be centered around bees and community with our first moving being, The Secret Life of Bees featuring Queen Latifah.

Theres so much in store for us in our 5th Season here at Shalom & Tranquility we look forward to Bee'ing Tranquil with you!


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